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About Kumihimo

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About Kumihimo
(English summary of my Kumihimo web site)
Kumihimo (the traditional Japanese braiding technique for silk braids) is rather unknown in Germany. Nevertheless there are some people - like me - who have learned basic techniques from English books and try to promote this art in Germany and other European countries. 

In my lace shop ("Die Klöppelkiste") in the castle of Klaffenbach (near Chemnitz/Saxony) I have opened a small separate branch for Kumhimo. I sell tools, materials and books
  • in this shop (Opening hours: 11 - 17 p.m. every day, exept on Monday)
  • by international mail order (languages: English, French, Italian). See our
  • online-shop  with Kumihimo items and books

I am also very interested in international contacts on Kumihimo and have found some sites in the internet, e.g.: 
Kumihimo Mail List
The Weaver's Hand - Information, Books, Links on Kumihimo 

If you know other mail list, link lists, mailboxes, news groups, chat groups or interesting sites: please send a message by mail, fax or e-mail!  

Contact us:
Die Klöppelkiste
Address: Wasserschloßweg 6, D-09123 Chemnitz (Germany)
Phone + Fax: +49 - 371 - 2600743

Web site: kumihimo.biz 
E-Mails on Kumihimo: info@kumihimo.biz
E-Mail order: shop@kumihimo.biz
Online Shop:
(for Kumihimo supplies)
(see: "Kumihimo")

Shop: Wasserschloß Klaffenbach / Atelierhaus
(situated in a moated Renaissance Castle near the city of Chemnitz / Saxony)
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday and most Holidays: 11 - 17 h
(closing day: Monday, but contact us, may be we can meet)

My goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. If errors are brought to my attention, I will correct them. (Contact me)

The Kumihimo web site contains links to external sites over the content of which I have no control and for which I accept no liability.

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